Vietnam – The place to be for Birch Plywood Processing Industry

Birch plywood has been supplying to the furniture, flooring and building materials industries for more than 35 years. By the end of 1980, China were supplying more Birch plywood materials to USA and from the 1990s, Asia has become the most important and biggest furniture and wooden products factory in the world.

Every month, China supply about 800 to 1,000 40-foot containers to the USA market. After trade war between China and there are many Chinese Factories moved to Vietnam and they can supply 200 – 300 40 HC Containers Birch Plywood to USA each month.

There are many Vietnamese plywood factories which changed other plywood to Birch plywood from end of 2018 year and now Vietnam became place to be for Birch Plywood Processing Industry.

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