Vietnam bamboo trellis – Great quality and price at NAPI

• QUALITY – Our qualified bamboo trellis is all handmade, using the high quality bamboo named TRUC. Very strong and flexible, durable for several seasons. All bamboo canes are hand selected and hand treated from cleaning, straitening, cutting… until packing.


• EASY TO USE – An easy-install to pot, garden, no need to assemble. Just stick trellis into the Ground or secure the trellis onto a wall, fence or near a pot. No paint at all.


• USAGE – The bamboo garden potted standing plant trellis provides supports for small flower pots and many kinds of climbing plants such as Ivy, roses, clematis, jasmine, beans, peas, grapes, long stemmed and potted vegetables; Our client can use bamboo trellis for their big farm or just small lovely garden


• DIMENSION – We provide many types of sizes for many type of customers. From 30cm to 90 cm height. From 20cm to 40 cm width.

Selecting Bamboo Material




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