The importance of proper packing

The importance of proper packing of cargo should not be underestimated especially when the container travels by sea. Although containers are thoroughly tested to ensure that they can withstand every sort of stress and strain, this does not mean that this protection alone is enough.

When the container is on board a ship and the ship is sailing, there are 6 ways in which the ship can move as shown below. When the ship moves, so does the container and the cargo inside the container.

Each of these movements causes a different kind of stress on the cargo packed inside the container and if there is movement of cargo inside the container, there is a great chance of it damaging the container and even coming out of the container.

NORMALLY, We packs the cargo by carton box. However, the cost of carton box is not small, especially for the lampshade products which are big sizes. That is why we used paper to pack the products. During loading, we make the wall in the container by using straight shape lamp. Then, we put the round or elip products inside. So far, our products are very safe and good in this condition. Loading this way, we can load double quantity than using carton box. Saving cost for us and for customer is one of the most important point we have to study.

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