Seagrass – One of the best material for handicrafts

The once ignored seagrass can now be used to make various handicrafts, providing opportunities for farmers and rural households to earn additional income.

NAPI- act as partners with producer. We provide a wide range of support to small-scale producers and household producers. The companies provide farmers, free of charge, with the training, especially when working on a new product. In many cases, we also make an advance payment to producers (normally 30% of the total value of the contract.) Some time, we devise a long-term development strategy which includes helping an entire village or region shift to producing handicraft from farm/field work. Farmers in many villages are seeing the wealth gap between them and city people widening fast simply because farm work cannot bring as high income as industrial and service jobs do. One way is to move to the city to find work. But this is no longer a good option as all major cities are overcrowded. Therefore, they have to shift to other jobs than farm work in the countryside. Making handicraft seems to be a good option now. A number of villages in northern Vietnam have seen their economy shift from mainly agricultural production to handicraft production in this way.

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