Seagrass Baskets Storage SGB-010

Code: NAPI-SGV18-04-010

Material: Seagrass

Size & Color: Customize

Packing: Carton/Pallet … or Customize


Seagrass Storage Baskets used to store tablecloths, towels or soft clothing. Or simply, you can use them as dry garbage containers.

You can use them as beautiful handbags to carry to the market or even picnic. If you are a knitting lover, keep your woolen rolls inside these baskets, which will help your wool rolls.

You also can use them to plant trees, your plants will be very well developed, the soil is clear, the water will not overwhelm too much to kill plants.

Especially, because of their extremely lightweight, it is easy to bring them in different positions, easy to carry the soil for planting.


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