Rattan Tray and Tissue Box

Our rattan products are including Vietnam Rattan Bag, Rattan Basket, Rattan Tray, Rattan Tissue Box, Rattan Lamp Shade … All of products are handicrafted by Rattan, after they are woven by hand, they are dried under the sun for a few days and then smoked to dry and strengthen the weave.

Light Brown Rattan Tray is made from natural rattan, through skillful hands of the craftsmen, great creativity, has created beautiful trays. It holds a bounty of vegetables and fruits, can be used to carry dinner to a friend, or even offers itself up as a unique display piece in a living room or bedroom.

Additionally, Bamboo and rattan are the traditional materials of Vietnam, bamboo and rattan are widely used in furniture production and are popular in Vietnam and international markets. Rattan is tough and durable, resistant to heavy loads, hard to break because they are very soft and hard.

Note that we have many sizes and shapes such as: rectangles, circles, ovals.

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