Bamboo Tray and Spoon

Our products made from spun bamboo, these lovely tray are great for serving food. Our products are lightweight and hard to break.

Green Lacquered Spun Bamboo Tray With Handle made from 100% natural bamboo. at first, The unmatched versatility and design in our serving trays will become a quick favorite in your home. Additionally, Whether its breakfast in bed, serving from counter to table or a chic addition to your coffee table that you are seeking, these high quality trays are easy to use and delightful to look at

Moreover, Our spun bamboo serving tray collections perfect for all of your dinning and entertaining purposes. The eye-catching colors in various finishes of grain, gloss or matte will add beauty and warmth to your home décor. In this collection you will be able to mix together with match trays of different shapes and sizes to suit your personal style.

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