Bamboo Basket

Bamboo tree is also used widely in Vietnamese everyday life. The body of the tree is often treated as a valuable material to build houses and make household equipment such as table, chair, bookshelves or agricultural tools such as shovels, hoes or plows. It has also become a material for interior decorations such as lamps, plates, baskets, trays …

Bamboo Storage Baskets are stylish and practical woven bamboo storage baskets ideal for use on their own or in shelves and wardrobes. Store a range of items including books, accessories, beauty products, toys, letters and paperwork. Vietnam Bamboo Baskets are made from natural bamboo. NAPI have a wide selection of products to help you organise your home while adding colour and style. Choose from storage bags, laundry baskets, shirt boxes, bathroom accessories, shoe racks/organisers and many more. From simple storage boxes to unique, stylish home storage solutions, NAPI focus on quality and style at the right price.

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