NAPI and Hanoi Giftshow 2019

Dear Our Value Partners,

Thanks for your visiting our booth in Hanoi Gift Show 2019. We were very happy to have face to face meeting with all of you. We promise to learn from our discussion to improve our quality and service to make your company more satisfied.

Base on most of our customer request, we would like to inform our plan for 2020 as below:

1. Developing bamboo trellis and bamboo fences.

Our strong points are quality and prices, so we continue to keep trying and focusing on these two items. With our experience and new factory facility, we can increase volume in near future.

2. Developing painted bamboo signal poles for skiing and colored bamboo poles for decoration.

For many years, we just do for limited customers in Europe. However, our global now is getting warm because of more unfriendly environment. Thus, we (both customer and us) understood that we should bring more choice of bamboo to the world. We will arrange the area in the factory for this painted poles.

3. Doing export and inspection.

Many items come from craft villages that sellers cannot promote and communicate in English. Our factory is in the middle of Hanoi and Haiphong port, so it is convenient if customers need an exporting company and doing inspection. As you know, handmade items are handmade, so there are not all pieces having same quality. With our services, we will do negotiation prices for you so that you can get best prices. Later on, when craft men deliver products to our factory, we do inspection piece per piece before we pack and load to you.

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