NAPI helps your company source and buy from the most competitive manufacturers in Vietnam.

Selection of suppliers and products

The key to a successful business operation in Vietnam composed of three elements that only NAPI may provide you with due to its vast experience and strategic global relationships:

+ Physical presence;
+ Clear and direct communication with the providing networks;
+ Application of strict criteria and international standards for monitoring processes and procedures in the supply chain.

We are committed to establish strong and long lasting relationship with both our customers and leading and renowned companies within the producing market. In this sense, NAPI strives to develop the most extensive network of high-level manufacturers and suppliers, aiming to provide quality products backed by the manufacturers’ certification, or manufacturing history.

NAPI offers the following service support for import trading operations from Vietnam:

+ Identification, selection and ranking of qualified manufacturers.
+ Background check on trading partners.
+ Procurement and logistics management.
+ Trade fairs attendance.
+ Quality assurance and quality control.

Inspection and Quality Control

Because of its local presence and the specialization of our team in knowledge and identification of rules governing the production of foreign trade, NAPI focuses on categorizing the producing market and distributors and hereby pays close attention to quality control of products and observing best practices.
Being aware that the high demand for products has led to much of the Vietnam market to sacrifice quality for volume production, NAPI aims to avoid misrepresentations, errors and delays, both in the production and delivery.