NAPI - Increase your target market, maximize opportunities and take your business global.

As local economies saturate and business becomes global, companies looking to develop feasible, sustainable structures abroad often face challenges that are only manageable by having a local team in the targeted market.

NAPI helps its customers overcome cultural and time zone barriers and emerges as the ideal partner to help manufacturers and investors land in selected markets, outlining business development strategies, identifying and securing distribution channels, prospective partners and service providers to establish a profitable and trustworthy international supply chain.

Our offering includes a Business-to-Business (B2B) consulting service for companies looking for entry and distribution channels in selected markets within our global network, including the following services:

+ Tailor made market research.
+ Breakdown of variables and constraints in the supply chain, including licenses, law regulations and taxes.
+ Identification of key competitors.
+ Identification, contact and establishment of trade relations with buyers, agents, distribution channels and/or service providers.
+ Development of penetration and growth strategies.
+ Management of key processes and communications with stakeholders.