Application of vietnam bamboo in house construction

Bamboos have been used by people in imaginative and widely varied ways wherever they are found. Bamboos in ravines are used for the following purposes.

More than 25% of people live under poverty line, and can not afford for the brick built houses. Therefore, bamboo housing may become low cost alternative. Bamboo has been used for house construction in different ways as:


Bamboo trusses form a good substitute for supporting roof loads and transmitting them to the foundations through columns. Bamboo trusses are fabricated using culms having an outer diameter of 50-80 mm. Selected culms are placed in position and joining ends/faces are cut in such a way that the gap between any two members is minimum. The web and chord connections are fabricated with different devices.

Bamboo reinforced mud wall

Mud wall gives protection against heat and cold. Now-a-days mud walls are constructed by reinforcing, with quartered split bamboo culms properly treated with hot bitumen. Properly kneaded mud mixed with rice husk, cinder and a little lime and water are fused layer by layer keeping the bamboo grid in the centre which is later plastered and smoothened then white washed.

Light bamboo wall

Common walls of rural housing in the form of bamboo boards are prepared by using flattened bamboo culms, which are then battened and nailed to form the wall. Mats made with skins from the outside of the bamboo are used for the exterior wall after applying a coat of coal tar on the outer surface for protection.


Rural houses on raised platforms use bamboo for flooring while bamboo culms used as floor joints and beams act as framework. Over this frame work, covering sheathing of split bamboo, bamboo boards/mats, small full culms or flattened bamboo strips are suitably fastened.

Doors and windows

Shutters made of bamboo mats, fixed on wooden or bamboo frame is common in rural housing. Small openings framed with bamboo or wood are provided in the walls to serve as windows.


The platforms made of timber planks can be replaced with bamboo culms. Bamboo poles lashed together have also been successfully used as scaffolding in high rise buildings.

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