Bamboo Products

Vietnam bamboo is a popular material to produce daily produtcs, such as Bamboo Basket, Bamboo Bowl, Bamboo Lantern, Bamboo Lamp, Bamboo Fence, Bamboo Vase … to use in many applications as plant holder, Storage, Laundry …

>> Production Process with Spun Bamboo Products

NAPI is one of the leading companies for exporting Bamboo products in Vietnam. We have been become a trusted and reliable supplier for oversea importers since 2012. Our products are used for decorating homewares as bathroom, living room, kitchen … These products are the best choice for bringing you to the nature and eco-friendly enviroment.

Our Mission

Ever since the beginning we realised the importance of controlling our own production in order to guarantee the best quality bamboo products for our customers.

We established long term partnerships with selected material suppliers where we can monitor everything from harvest to processing and local working conditions.

Because of our presence at the source we are aware of the latest developments and are also capable to make immediate adjustments if required.

As a socially responsible company we invest heavily in building new and better infrastructure for the treatment and storage of our environmentally friendly bamboo products.

Our investments mainly affect remote rural areas and its population since we buy all our bamboo directly from local farmers. It is very important that farmers receive a fair price for their annual bamboo crop to ensure the conservation of bamboo forests.

With this strategy, locals are now showing great interest to plant bamboo or to properly maintain existing bamboo clumps on their land. .

It gives us great satisfaction that we can improve the living conditions of local people and at the same time provide a positive impact on the environment. As a customer you directly contribute to these positive developments.