Vietnam Painted Bamboo Pole BB-POLE-004


Pole Diameter: 2cm – 2.5cm, 2.5cm -3cm, 3-4cm

Length: 4m (maximum)

Colors: Natural color (Air dried), Black dark color (heat dried and treated)

Origin: Vietnam


Are you looking for Vietnam Bamboo Poles Supplier or Vietnam Bamboo Fences Supplier? NAPI is the best choice …

Bamboo tree is used widely in Vietnamese everyday life. The body of the tree is often treated as a valuable material to build houses and make household equipment such as table, chair, bookshelves or agricultural tools such as shovels, hoes or plows. It has also become a material for interior decorations such as lamps, plates, baskets, trays …

Using skillful workers from one of famous bamboo villages in Vietnam, NAPI has been successful in bamboo fences business for several years. We are expanding our product range with several types: bamboo poles, bamboo fences, bamboo outdoor and indoor furnitures, bamboo baskets…

We feel happy and proud to supply natural materials to wholesalers over the world.


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