Application of Vietnam bamboo to produce handicraft and furniture products


A large number of cottage industries like manufacturer of tablemats, bamboo wares, bamboo trays, bamboo basket, bamboo lamp shade are dependent on bamboo as raw material. Many articles of common domestic use like mats, baskets, toys, nets, wall plates, wall hangers, trays etc. are made from bamboo. Bamboo articles with different sizes and shapes are made with bamboo strips for decorative arrangement of flowers and fruits. Flute, a common musical instrument is made out of bamboo. Dried and mature bamboo leaves are used for deodorizing fish oils.

Ornamental and aesthetic uses

Bamboo is also used for the following ornamental and aesthetic uses such as hedges, groves, gardens, orchards, screens, mass plantings,isolated clumps, along avenues, roadsides and canal banks and landscaping.


Bamboo furniture is getting popular since it is cheap and lighter than timber based furniture . Due to the sharp increase in the price of timber, bamboos are increasingly used for furniture. The bamboo based furniture, fancy basket-ware and high value decorative materials are increasing day by day in national and international market. Furniture made from bamboos is cheap and may widely be used in the rural areas. In fact, it is now gaining popularity in the urban areas also.


Bamboos occupy a place of pride in the life of villagers literally from “cradle to coffin”. Bamboos are a readily available material for fencing of agricultural lands, compounds and home lots. Different kinds of fencing to protect fields from cattle are in use. Thorny bamboos, cut together with their long branches and twigs, are carefully laid or heaped along boundaries, or the culms are split and woven or tied to bamboo posts in different shapes and styles to make effective fencing. Bamboos are used for making agricultural implements. The Hindus carry their dead for cremation a bamboo bier. Soil and water conservation efforts also find in bamboo a useful ally. There are several other uses that bamboo is put to in many countries, and there is a wide range of literature describing these. Bamboos also find use in farming as handles of agricultural implements and hand tools, sticks or lathi, poles for fencing, irrigation pipes and irrigation wheels, threshing poles for rice and wheat, as support for climbers, rakes for collecting debris and bamboo bore well.

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