NAPI is a manufacturer and trading company with its headquarters in Hanoi Vietnam and office in Kaohsiung TaiwanWe have three types of business: Producing & Exporting Bamboo, Rattan Products; Producing & Exporting Plywood, Veneer, Timber and Purchasing & Exporting other products such as Furniture & Hotel Products.

NAPI has been specialized in Eucalyptus Core Veneer production and Plywood, we have been in Vietnam Eucalyptus Core Veneer and Plywood industry longer than almost every other factory, we specialized in Eucalyptus Face Veneer Composer or Eucalyptus Joint Core Veneer. Till now, our tradition, techniques, and tenets of functioning make us unique in Vietnamese as well as many international markets.

In Bamboo & Rattan Products, NAPI is one of the leading companies for exporting handicraft products in Vietnam. We have been become a trusted and reliable supplier for oversea importers since 2012. Our products are used for decorating homewares as bathroom, living room, kitchen … These products are the best choice for bringing you to the nature and eco-friendly enviroment.

Beside that, NAPI specialize in the creation of structures tailored specifically for each trading operation, offering support services aimed at cost optimization, quality control following high international standards, and establishing a trusting relationship and direct link between our customers and product manufacturers.

+ If you are looking for a reliable, multinational, multilingual trading partner Vietnam.

+ If you want to trade while building safe, cost efficient structures.

+ If you want to take your company global and explore new markets efficiently and effectively.

+ If you want to optimize your supply chain.

+ If you instantly want to expand your network globally.

+ If you are looking to create synergies and maximize cross-trading opportunities.

Our ideal partner

+ Companies already trading with Vietnam requiring more control over their supply chain and management of its trading operations abroad.

+ Companies looking to find opportunities in new markets in search of better prices and quality, new products, suppliers or customers.

+ Service providers in local markets with high quality standards.